Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ready to Eat

Jana and my Sunday was a little busy today.  We left for church at 8:30 this morning.  When we got our at noon I took Jana home then went to another ward or congregation to attend their meetings.  In a church calling I have I am what is called a Stake Sunday School President now, meaning that I help oversee and encourage quality teaching in 10 different congregations.  After our own church meetings I was visiting another ward with their Sunday School Presidents and teachers for two more hours of meetings.

When I finally got home at around 2:30 I went looking for Jana.  I found her taking a nap in our guest bedroom.  As I walked into the room she must have heard me come in as she opened her eyes and said, "I was waiting for you.  Dinner is ready."

The table was already set and waiting.  We had a lovely, simple dinner and just shared our church experiences of the day and what we learned, experienced, and enjoyed.

Having dinner ready was such a kind, loving thing.   Jana knew roughly what time I'd be home from my meetings but even so I do have the capability to be a little late getting home if I found someone to talk to, an additional errand to run, or had someone I felt I needed to drop by and visit on my way home.  I so appreciate her love and patience.

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